Life skills for sixth form and beyond

These skills are valuable in students’ personal lives as they make connections and forge new relationships. They are also important to employers, which gives students a competitive advantage as they embark on their careers.

Schools can choose to run these as stand-alone sessions or as part of induction days and leadership programmes.

The interactive nature of these workshops means they are best suited to groups of up to 30 students.

What is the training format?

Workshops include a blend of lecture, discussion, role-plays and practical exercises.

Students receive certificates of attendance to support their university applications and employment interviews. “Memory Joggers”  are also available to load on their mobile devices, enabling them to review key learning points (see example below).

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  Influencing Skills

         people’s interests & concerns

     Key skills: strategic questioning, rapport      building, empathy, storytelling, emotional      awareness

Influencing Skills Workshop Agenda

  Conflict Resolution Skills

     Key skills: reflective listening, questioning,      empathy, problem solving, emotional      intelligence, reasoning, self-control

Conflict Resolution Workshop Agenda

  Leadership Skills

     Key skills: motivating, delegation, problem      solving, decision making, goal setting, team      building

Leadership Skills Workshop Agenda

  Negotiating Skills

     Key skills: planning, goal setting, dealing with      pressure, problem solving, questioning,      reasoning, persuading

Negotiation Skills Workshop Agenda

The professionalism of the Sellmax team was second to none…”

Charlie Jenkins, Head of Sixth Form, LVS Ascot

Negotiation Skills Workshop Memory Joggers

Life Skills Workshops - people skills that promote positive interactions

Our half-day Life Skills Workshops help build students’ emotional intelligence by developing empathy and increasing self-awareness.

Topics include influencing, conflict resolution, negotiation and leadership.