Leadership Skills Workshop


Leadership styles, skills & behaviours

We look at four leadership styles and discuss their suitability

in different situations. Students discover which style they

are most likely adopt.

Vision & objectives

Teams work together to develop and communicate their

vision to inspire key stakeholders as part of a group exercise.

The session also helps students identify the Critical Success

Factors needed to secure good outcomes.

Getting the best out of people

Leadership is about getting the best out of others. Students

learn how to provide support and recognition whilst

encouraging people to take ownership of goals and


Delegation & performance management

Attitude and team chemistry can be as important as ability

when it comes to choosing people for tasks. We show

students how to delegate effectively and what to do

when things go wrong.

Strategic decision making

Students work as teams on a case study which requires

them to make a decision based on one of two strategic

options. The session is designed to help students weigh risk/reward whilst considering the interests of different stakeholder groups.

Demonstrating your leadership potential

Signalling interest in a leadership role. Students think

about the different ways they can demonstrate their

leadership potential to peers and superiors.

Key skills: leadership, motivating, delegation, questioning,

critical thinking, decision making, team building and

problem solving