Life skills for sixth form and beyond

Interview Training -  giving your students a competitive advantage

Good grades and well-crafted personal statements. A great start but no guarantee of success.

To succeed candidates will need to impress in other areas too. Chemistry, character and values play a big part and in the decision making process.

Sellmax’s Interview Training shows students how to positively differentiate themselves from other candidates. Students learn what to look for when carrying out pre-interview research and how to align themselves with the organisations they hope to join.

Storytelling is used to help convey personal qualities and attributes in a way that is both powerful and memorable.

Students learn how questions can also be used to demonstrate their awareness and appreciation of important issues.

Training includes a blend of lecture, discussion and practical exercises. The interactive nature of these workshops means they are best suited to groups of up to 30 students.

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Successful outcomes start with great planning and preparation. Here we look at ways to gain insights

that give candidates a competitive advantage.

A great first impression might not guarantee success,

but a bad one nearly always spells failure.

         We take students through the opening seconds when

         they are being pigeon-holed.

         Building a good rapport early on helps get the          interviewer on your side. It also helps candidates

         relax and give their best during the interview. Students          learn how to build a positive dialogue from the outset.

We show students how they can use stories to make

a powerful and lasting impression.

Students create stories which convey their key

attributes and personal qualities.

The questions you ask can be more important than

the ones you answer. Students practise using

questions to show interest and demonstrate their understanding of important issues.

         There’s no substitute for preparation and practice.

          We ask students some of the tough questions and

         help them to answer confidently.

         Distinguishing between similarly qualified young          people isn’t easy. We show how to use a sub-          headline to stimulate interest and increase their          chances of securing an interview.

Key skills: planning, dealing with pressure,

strategic questioning, rapport building, storytelling, relationship building, emotional awareness